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Purple Kisses, Purple Kisses

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“I’d love it if they’d put them pretty lips on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”



John is definetly not gonna be a fan of this post.
(He’s not a big fan of R&B and he HATES the amount of times I play The-Dream’s album)

But yeah, I spotted my lovely officemates Irene & Quana sportin some fly *purple* shit (they should win an esssssspyy). Not suprisingly they were decked out in nothing but H&M and Forever 21.

If you didnt get it, Purple Kisses is a song on The-Dream’s album and Jay-Z said the whole Espy thing on “Party Life”

Step Your Music Game up



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January 31, 2008 at 10:02 pm

Attack of the Killer Red Laces?

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SMH @ Us.

(Must admit, Dooms get pretty obnoxious in photos. All bright and shit.)

This is the 2nd time this ACCIDENT happened except last time it was green laces. (We didnt take a picture tho.)

I mean c’mon we’re not gonna call eachother and ask “What you wearing today?”
Shit happens =/

-Nuff Said and No Homo.


*Cough* If it was a battle *cough* who won? *Cough*

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January 31, 2008 at 9:05 pm


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So I had not so much of rough but definetly a busy shift at work today.
I’m a building manager at the 2 student centers on campus. (Trust me its not as intense as it sounds.)

But today I was on my feet the whole shift, self conscious about my crooked tounge, and made fun of for calling Custodial to clean up glass.

So basically nothing was fun or amusing until i dropped into one of my supervisors, Scott Casanova’s office and saw this…

Yeeeeep, thats a big ass Millenium Falcon lego model.

Scott is a big Star Wars fan….i mean. You have to see his office but i’ll just post a small portion.

Designer Toys?
Interesting to me?
Blog Worthy?
I did it right?

That is All.


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January 31, 2008 at 8:46 pm

Crooked Tounges?!!

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During the writing of this post I must admit I have the saddest look on my face.

I mean you wake up, you have no idea what you’re gonna wear to class today, you check the weather and HOLY SHIT! No precipation in Syracuse today?!!

Who knows how the thought process came to it, but boom. You decide….”Throw the dooms on today!” Why?….Why not??!!

But then…

What is that? How does it happen? Why did it happen?!!

I only wore them once!! I posted when I wore them!

Now I should!, and you always must, but usually I dont put my sneakers right back into the box after wear.

But I swear I did that time.
I even put the paper back in them.
(There’s no decreaser in the world that will decrease a tounge.)


I put them in the box waiting for that next special day…

That special day isn’t starting so special.

–A Very Sad But Too Fly To Be Depressed Meezy

Written by swaggerdap

January 31, 2008 at 2:33 pm

Married to the Mob Denim

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Finally, my favorite women’s streetwear brand is expanding their line past tees and hoodies! ..(well and that beanie, and the impossible to find Kaws bikinis)

new denim from Married to the Mob


Hopefully soon we can see some more products from the MOB …. a shoe/ sneaker collab with Alife possibly? hmmmm

well, congrats ladies


pic via MOB

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January 31, 2008 at 2:14 pm

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Bloggers we aint the same, Im into pavement son!!

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First of all. Dont judge ME for all these online purchases!!!
I go to school in timbuktu, and when I’m up here I have no choice but to order off of Karmaloop, 80spurple and some random shit I found today, Toyboxtim.
I mean…the fashion game in Syracuse is madd buns son. Madd buns.

But yeah…

(Again, thats not me in the picture)

We are but another humble streewear blog…But we gets busy!!
Stop takin pictures of that neatly folded 10.Deep Hoody and those neatly stacked SB dunks. Throw them shits on and walk around the block muthaf*cka! Let that shit touch PAVEMENT!
Streetwear = Street + Wear. Street = pavement.
Thus, Streetwear = Shit to be worn on pavement. Word Life.

Ahem and yeah…

I just copped this cuz I thought it was funny and it also had to do with the people on the internet.

Yall can take it however you wanna take it
I’m the reason your favorite Blog is no longer your favorite

Hit Me up If You a Aim Banger!

aim: me3zy

Written by swaggerdap

January 30, 2008 at 11:54 pm

Prod II – Valentin’s Day Massacre

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These are just lovely to me …..

new PRod II – Valentine’s Day Massacre

set to drop this week


pics via highsnobiety

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January 30, 2008 at 5:37 pm

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