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Adventures in Montreal – Bonjour

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After one hell of a drive up through NY state, getting lost, and almost dying at a gas station and a truck stop, we finally made it to the land of maple, Montreal, Canada.

Almost didn’t make it through the border cause our smart-assness was close to kicking in.

Next morning we had to live out of the car to change shoes and go.

Then, I can’t lie we just started drinking early.

All you need in this world.

In Canada so I had to bring the Goodfoot scarf. Eh?

Old Montreal is quite nice.

Then to end an early drunked night it was off to grab some Canadian McDonalds. Can I just say though that Montreal McDonalds > Toronto McDonalds. Plus the McDonalds in MTRL have power outlets on the ceilings which is just confusing and awesome.

We got a little reckless a little to early and ended up PASSING OUT after only like 3 bars but it was still fun. Tonight will be better though, hopefully we can meet up with the man Marcus Troy and really see this place.




Written by swaggerdap

March 14, 2009 at 1:55 pm

Posted in Adventures, Montreal

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  1. Haa looks like fun, hopefully you did some money exchange at the border local shops charge a hefty fee…. BTW make sure to visit Off The Hook
    take lots of photos as we’ll be on the check in!

    BlackFlag Shoppe

    March 14, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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